BRABHAM-FAN will be a unique online motorsport experience allowing unparalleled access to Brabham Racing. Become an extension of our team.
BRABHAM-DRIVER will be the first online racing driver learning experience. Find out what it takes to become the ultimate racing driver.
e-learning platform and open source engineering project designed for engineers looking to experience the pinnacle of motorsport engineering.


Project Brabham was the biggest sports crowdfunding campaign of its time and the catalyst in putting the global spotlight back on the iconic Brabham brand. Great progress has been made towards our objective of bringing Brabham back to racing with a unique interactive and experiential digital platform. Project Brabham crowdfunding contributions are now closed while we focus on making our vision become a reality.


Watch again: the video that launched the Project Brabham crowdfunding campaign. (Please note this campaign has now closed). News Update – Project Brabham Crowdfunding Draws to a Close

October 4, 2017
This first stage Brabham-Digital website has recently undergone a few changes to reflect that the Project Brabham crowdfunding phase has now closed and contributions are no longer being accepted via the Indiegogo InDemand scheme.The pioneering new model for racing was launched through the Project B...
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"A crowdfunding appeal to raise funds to re-establish an Oxfordshire motorsport team has exceeded its £250,000 target. Brabham Racing is offering a stake in its team, with the aim of creating a sustainable business."
BBC News Oxford
"Brabham will share everything from its investor search, driver selection process and building its premises, to the first car build, test and race, and later, via live telemetry, behind-the-scenes footage and radio communications on race weekends."
"Joining Brabham and being part of this exciting new journey offers the opportunity to not only interact in motorsport at the highest level, but also genuinely contribute to the re-launch of one of the world's most widely revered and celebrated team names."
"Something revolutionary is being developed. For the first time the fans will be truly involved in a motorsport project."
Images copyright LAT Photographic, Jakob Ebrey Photography & Rick Dole.