BRABHAM-DRIVER - £75 per year

Brabham-Driver will be the first online racing driver learning experience. Combining the Brabham brand's 60 years of professional racing experience with the insight of a world-class race team, Brabham-Driver is designed for those who want to know what it takes, technically and professionally, to become the ultimate racing driver. This e-learning platform will include modules such as: understanding the car and advice around set-up; developing a winning mentality; media training; advice from nutritional experts and sports psychologists; suggested training regimes from specialist coaches; as well as post-race debriefs when we are testing and racing.

Brabham-Driver will be available at launch for the full price of £120 a year. But if you contribute through our Indiegogo page now you can get access for the reduced price of £75 a year.

Below are just some of the modules you will be able to complete as part of Brabham-Driver.