Project Brabham started out as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo - exceeding our target to become the biggest successfully funded sports campaign ever. We are still using that platform to receive contributions through a programme called InDemand (previously Forever Funding).

Anyone contributing to Project Brabham in these early stages is helping to bring the iconic team name back to racing in return for a substantially reduced subscription to any, or all three, of the Brabham-Digital packages.
BRABHAM-FAN - £25 per year
Brabham-Fan will be a web application that provides members with unrivalled access to Brabham Racing. Fans will be able to interact with the team, receive information that's normally a closely guarded secret and contribute towards collaborative decisions in a way no big-name racing team has attempted before. We will share everything from our search for an investor, driver selection and building our premises, right up to the first car build, test and race. On race weekends Brabham-Fan will become the gateway for live telemetry, behind-the-scenes footage, radio communications and even critical race strategy.

BRABHAM-DRIVER - £75 per year
Brabham-Driver will be the first online racing driver learning experience. Combining the Brabham brand's 60 years of professional racing experience with the insight of a world-class race team, Brabham-Driver is designed for those who want to know what it takes, technically and professionally, to become the ultimate racing driver. This e-learning platform will include modules such as: understanding the car and advice around set-up; developing a winning mentality; media training; advice from nutritional experts and sports psychologists; suggested training regimes from specialist coaches; as well as post-race debriefs when we are testing and racing.

BRABHAM-ENGINEER - £100 per year
Brabham-Engineer will be an e-learning platform and open source engineering project rolled into one innovative online experience. It's designed for engineers who would like to know what it takes to reach the pinnacle of motorsport engineering. Project challenges will cover all aspects of aerodynamics, CFD, suspension geometry and gearboxes, where members can get involved in the development of specific parts and even a future Brabham prototype, with certification of their achievements. Brabham-Engineer is more than just an e-learning platform. The race team brings everything alive, putting context to our content and a providing a practical experience that's unlike anything else in the market.

FULL ACCESS - All Three Platforms - £125 per year
For the motor racing fan who wants all the information at their fingertips, you can gain access to all three Brabham-Digital platforms for a complete race experience. See our cars get developed, our drivers train, and then watch our performance on race day.