Brabham Racing Still On Course To Redefine How We Experience Motorsport

One year after launching the Project Brabham crowdfunding campaign, Brabham is still on course to create a pioneering new space and way for people to experience motorsport, with entry to the FIA World Endurance Championship still in its sights for 2016.
Since its launch on 24 September 2014, the Project Brabham funding model has captured the backing and passion of thousands of fans, drivers and engineers, all signing up to be an integral part of the new Brabham Racing team through interactive and experiential activities that will lead the way in modern motorsport.

Brabham believes the time for change has come. Brabham Racing is striving to return as an open and transparent team via the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2016, with up to a five-year LMP2 campaign preceding its planned comeback as a manufacturer in LMP1.

So why is it taking so long to build investment for the team? Simply put, bringing back one of the most iconic motorsport teams in history isn't about building just another race outfit that might survive a season or two.

There is no blueprint for what Brabham is trying to achieve, which is to change the landscape of global motorsport and how a team is funded, operates and communicates. It's about building a completely new business model, which in time could address sustainability in our sport.

At the centre of that business model is Brabham-Digital – a unique, live, open and transparent way for fans, drivers and engineers to experience and learn through motorsport. The first of its kind in the sport, the knowledge sharing and e-learning platform will provide unrivalled behind-the-scenes access and immerse members in the highs and lows of returning the team to world-class status. It will redefine the way that people interact, learn and grow through their passion of motorsport.

This latest innovation in 60 years of Brabham heritage will create the world's first community driven, open source, subscription funded motorsport business. The unique business model promises to have a big impact on the current funding crisis at the top of the sport while giving fans the insider perspective and access lacking at the highest echelons.

The first stage Brabham-Digital website is now live at www.brabham-digital.com, complete with a dedicated login and interim forum for members to get all the insider news and be a genuine part of rebuilding the house Sir Jack built.

David Brabham commented: "It is amazing to think we are one year into Project Brabham and how time has flown by so quickly. At the end of our successful crowdfunding campaign we set about sorting and distributing 3000 perks; built and launched the first stage Brabham-Digital website where our community are kept up to date with our progress; introduced a forum so that Project Brabham members can talk amongst themselves and give great ideas to the team; and developed various evolutions of the investor presentations.

"When we launched we had what we thought was an understanding of what we wanted to achieve. The reality is we didn't. With an open and transparent approach we find ourselves with so many opportunities within this model that it has taken time to look at what these are in detail and how best to work with them in the future. We have learnt an incredible amount and we are still learning because nobody has done this before, but I do like a good challenge and tackling something for the first time is nothing new for Brabham...!

"We believe Brabham-Digital will give fans, drivers and engineers from around the globe a new and unique motorsport experience; it will take fan engagement and inspired learning to a higher level.

"We still have entering LMP2 in the FIA World Endurance Championship for 2016 in our sights. Of course the next three months will be vitally important in making Brabham Racing's comeback a reality, but we are now at the stage where we have a deep understanding of the business we are asking partners to invest in and we are talking to the right people in this space right now. Hopefully, it will only be a short matter of time before Brabham Racing is back on the race track."

Project Brabham became the world's largest successful sports crowdfunding campaign of its time, exceeding its initial target to raise over £278,000 in just six weeks late last year. It now boasts a passionate community of over 3,000 members from 64 countries that have become the core of the team.

Those who contribute now and join one or all three Brabham-Digital portals get access to the exclusive Members' website to follow all the insider news and directly contribute to Brabham Racing's return. However, these special packages will only be available until the full platform and applications are built.

To find out more about how to become part of the team click here