Brabham Racing, one of the most successful names in the history of motorsport, is coming back as a world-class race team powered by a global community of fans, drivers and engineers. In the spirit of triple Formula 1 World Champion Sir Jack, Brabham is changing conventions and breaking down the team/fan relationship barrier. With our planned return to worldwide competition in the FIA World Endurance Championship, we will offer fans, drivers and engineers unrivalled insider access and the chance to be a genuine part of the team.

Brabham-Digital is the online platform through which we will share our journey. It will be a content hub, knowledge sharing platform, motorsport forum, race-day "second screen" providing an additional event perspective, and e-learning platform all rolled into one. This latest innovation in 60 years of Brabham heritage will create the world's first community driven, open source, subscription funded motorsport business, enabling the team to become self sufficient and buck the current funding crisis at the top of the sport.
Our remarkable story started in 1948, when Sir Jack Brabham won his first Midget title racing on dirt tracks in Australia. From his humble engineering workshop in Sydney he went on to dominate the world of Formula 1. In 1966 Jack became the first – and only – driver in history to win a Formula 1 World Championship in a car of his own name and manufacture, sealing his third F1 crown and earning renown as one of the top drivers and engineers of his generation. There hasn't been a Brabham team for over 20 years, but now the famous name is ready to embark on its next journey.
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Our pioneering new model for racing was launched through the Project Brabham crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in late 2014 - exceeding our target to become one of the biggest successfully funded sports campaigns across the globe. The bold racing model that makes motorsport more accessible, more transparent and more engaging to fans, partnered with the incomparable heritage of the Brabham brand struck a chord worldwide, raising contributions from over 3,000 people from 64 countries.

The money from the first phase of crowdfunding has been used to build this first stage Brabham-Digital website. We also created the all-important investor prospectus, which is vital in searching for and securing the investment required to build and launch both the team and Brabham-Digital platform.

Thanks to our crowdfunding success, we continued to fundraise via Indiegogo’s InDemand scheme until September 2017. Great progress has been made towards our objective of bringing Brabham back to racing and, for now, we need a period of focus to make this happen.

Our complete focus is now on finding and signing the investors and partners that will be vital in securing the investment required to make this vision a reality. When that investment is secured, the full Brabham-Digital platform will be developed and built, evolving into a much more engaging and powerful engine, divided into the three different knowledge sharing and e-learning platforms.

Brabham Racing is striving to return via the FIA World Endurance Championship, which includes the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours. The ultimate dream is to bring this same team model to Formula 1 and potentially other exciting series such as the FIA Formula E Championship.

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Our new model challenges the current thinking of how a racing team should behave by modernising the fan/team relationship. With the birth of the web and social media, the world communicates differently, resulting in a change in the way people interact and receive their information. Motorsport is starting to catch up, but we feel it's ready to go a step further.

We believe this fan-centred online business approach could revolutionise the sport. We are rapidly building a passionate community of team members who are supporting us in crafting the future of Brabham Racing, allowing us to tap into the creativity and power of collective thinking.