The Brabham-Fan application will give you unparalleled access into the rebuilding of an historic motor racing team. But this isn't just about getting you closer to the action. As a Brabham-Fan member you will also have the chance to contribute towards collaborative team decisions in a way no racing team has attempted before. You will live and breathe with us, experiencing the emotions as only a team member can.

You will be provided with information around finding and developing the Brabham Racing team's drivers, sourcing and fitting out the factory and developing the car in preparation for our first test. You will follow our progress as we make it on to the grid of our first competitive race. The Brabham-Fan web application will bring fans much closer to the action on race day, which will include exclusive, live, behind-the-scenes footage and critical race information via real-time telemetry.

Below are just some of the modules you will be able to access as part of Brabham-Fan.


*All of this is dependent on Wi-Fi capabilities of the race venues.