Q. How do I rest my password for the Brabham-Digital Members website?
A. When you reach the login screen, click "Reset my password" at the bottom of the dialogue box and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, click here. Please do not share your login details with anyone else unless you have bought access as a gift. Read the full terms and conditions here.

Q: Can I change my username login?
A: Your username is set from the email you used to buy your perk and it is not possible to change at the moment. 

Q: When will we get access to Brabham-Digital?
A: This is the first stage of the Brabham-Digital website. The full site and Brabham-Digital experiences will be developed and built when investors and sponsors have been secured.

Q: What happens when your subscription to the relevant Brabham-Digital experience ends?
A: Your subscription will begin only when the full site is live. When your membership subscription ends you will be invited to continue your membership at the current market rate. You will simply need to set payment information to ensure you keep receiving your Brabham-Digital experience.

Q: Can I share content from the Members area on social media?
A: All content on Brabham-Digital.com is the copyright of Brabham Global Limited. As such you can only share content with explicit permission from Brabham.

Q: Can I use or reproduce any of the images and information used on the Brabham website/social channels?
A: The short answer is no. We retain full restrictions on all imagery and logos from the Brabham-Digital website. If you would like to use an image or logo then please get in touch to let us know where and for what purpose and we may be able to offer consent.  If you're using any images from the Brabham Official social media pages then please remember to credit the photographer as per image licensing rules.

Q: Will you be linking up with educational institutions to accredit courses?
A: Brabham-Engineer will be a comprehensive real-life e-learning platform and so we recognise the potential value and interest this learning environment will have for engineering students. Supporting education will play an important role as Braham Racing progresses and although this will be a future development, we have already started discussions.

Project Brabham Crowdfunding

Q: How do I join Project Brabham?
A: Project Brabham was launched as an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in late 2014 and continued to receive contributions via the InDemand scheme. We closed our Indiegogo campaign in September 2017, meaning we no longer accept crowdfunding contributions. If you are not already a Project Brabham member, you will have the opportunity to subscribe when the full Brabham-Digital website and experiences are built and launched.

Q: There have been some changes to the Brabham-Digital website recently. What’s happened to Project Brabham?
A: The Project Brabham vision has not changed. We are still committed to fulfilling all the crowdfunding obligations and subscriptions which, as we’ve said all along, will happen when we have the investment needed to launch the race team and build the proper Brabham-Digital platform.

The changes to the website reflect that we are no longer accepting crowdfunding contributions. Great progress has been made towards our objective of bringing Brabham back to racing and, for now, we need a period of focus to make this happen.

Q. So, people can no longer join Project Brabham?
A: We are no longer accepting contributions as part of the Indiegogo InDemand scheme. It was time to bring that phase to an end so that we can focus on making the dream of bringing Brabham back to the global stage a reality. When that happens and the full Brabham-Digital experience is live, those who haven’t already will have the chance to subscribe.

Q: Can crowdfunding work for a motorsport team?
A: We always knew that crowdfunding wouldn’t be enough to launch a global racing team. By showing support and contributing through the crowdfunding phase, fans supported our business case and helped proved the passion behind the Brabham brand and unique Brabham-Digital concept. Along with the new Brabham-Digital platform we will be able to build a sustainable racing team. It will add an exciting new dynamic to motorsport and creates a solid platform for sustainability.

Q: Why did you ask fans to contribute financially?
A: With such a bold and new concept to bring back the Brabham Racing team, supported by such a unique Brabham-Digital platform that will see fans more immersed in the action than ever before, it was vital to prove to investors that there is a desire for #ProjectBrabham to succeed.

Q: Isn't #ProjectBrabham very similar to the Perrinn team?
A: The founding concept – an open source racing team – is similar, but our approach, objectives, and strategy are very different. We think what the Perrinn team has accomplished so far is brilliant, but with our brand, expert knowledge, and digital platform we are enhancing the way that fans can get involved, extending the open source concept even further. Hopefully both projects will be a great success and we will get the chance to compete against Perrinn on the track.

Q: How is Project Brabham considering the environmental impact of motorsport?
A: David was an early advocate of environmentally-friendly racing, and continues to be an avid supporter. David's suggestion that the American Le Mans Series consider an alternative fuel strategy helped found the Michelin Green X Challenge.  We also hope to explore the possibility of partiipating in Formula E in the future.

Brabham Racing Team

Q: Who owns the Brabham brand?
A: David Brabham is the sole owner of the Brabham name and trademarks. He fought for seven years to return control of the family name – a battle he won in 2012.

Q: When will the Brabham team be racing?
A: We still plan for the Brabham team to return to racing via the FIA World Endurance Championship. Investor negotiations, however, are still ongoing. This is the very start of our journey, so we will keep you updated.

Q: How will that affect the Pit Pass perks?
A: If you have purchased a Pit Pass then it is best to hold off on arranging any travel until we have confirmed our participation, but they are still valid and usable when we go racing. 

Q: Where will the Brabham team be based?
A: We will be based somewhere in the Motorsport Valley in the UK. The exact location has yet to be decided, but we are starting to look into this more seriously and having meetings with companies that could help us with the design of the inside of the factory. 

Q: Why FIA WEC and not F1?
A: We would love to get back into F1, but we need to develop sustainably in order to succeed. The FIA WEC has already been very receptive to trying our open source racing concept and costs a fraction of the price to enter. On the other hand, F1 has brought in even more rules to limit communication between teams and fans, for the time being ruling out the possibility of getting the fans involved in the way we are aiming for. Hopefully this will change in time and we can be the first to introduce open source racing to F1. 

Q: Did Sir Jack know about your plans to bring Brabham back?
A: He did know. Unfortunately he did not live to see that dream become a reality. 

Q: Where can I find your racing timetable? 
A: Brabham does not currently have a racing timetable (keep checking back for updates!). However, you can follow members of the Brabham family via their Brabham website profile page at www.brabham.co.uk or keep up with the FIA WEC calendar here.